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Since 2016, Commercial Caseworks has been creating and crafting in Burton MI, with our designs becoming more personal over time. We believe that each new project is an opportunity to learn something different and to expand our skills.

The desire to keep reinventing our craft and to push our abilities to their limits keeps our work fresh and unique. Take the time to fully explore our services and get a real sense of what we can do and bring to interested clients.


Custom Casework

At Commercial Caseworks we can custom design and build cabinets to meet the client’s specifications, or we can provide our standard construction. Using a wide range of plastic laminate colors, we can achieve equal or better quality at a lower cost. Our focus is European style, frameless cabinets with concealed hinges for the commercial environment.


Custom Countertops

We strive to bring the most challenging countertop, or bartop to life using your choice of plastic laminate or solid surface. Not only do you have a choice of the industry’s widest variety of options, but our craftsmen also excel at the extraordinary.


We are your one-stop resource for quality, built-to-order display fixtures. We can create custom-quality retail selling environments without the custom price tag that are built-to-order in your choice of any material or finish.

Custom Fixtures

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